Nutrition is so important in achieving optimal health and happiness but it does not need to be complicated! I will work with you every step of the way to create sustainable and enjoyable changes in your life. I provide personalized nutrition consulting and coaching, customized and easy meal plans as well as workshops to help you achieve your goals! Change is never easy, but with my practical and simple approach, I know we will get there together!

Nutritional Consultation . . .

I provide one-on-one nutritional consultations for clients anywhere in the Toronto Area.

Busy schedule or not located in the Toronto area? Consults are also offered by phone or Skype!

Whether you are suffering from digestive difficulties, want to improve your athletic performance or are simply looking to make healthier choices and find balance in your life, I can work with you to create a plan that fits all of your individual needs.

  • Initial Consultation: $175
    • Consists of two 1-hour sessions
    • The first session includes a thorough diet/lifestyle assessment and a review of your health history
    • The second session includes a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, which is explained in depth and reviewed with a plan of action
    • Relevant handouts and recipes provided
  • Follow Up Appointments:
    • 1 hour consultation = $75
    • 30 minute consultation = $45
    • Review of nutrition recommendations and/or adjustments as needed
    • Continued support + creating additional health goals
    • Discuss personal hurdles, barriers and strategies to overcome them
    • Updated recipes and relevant handouts

Meal Plans . . .

Whatever your goals are, meal planning is important to help you get there! I will review your diet, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and goals to create the meal plan that is right for you. Customized meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas with recipes, grocery lists, and meal prepping tips.

  • All meal plans include 30 minute consultation to review food restrictions, likes and dislikes, lifestyle and goals
    • 7 Day Meal Plan - $100
    • 14 Day Meal Plan - $175
    • 28 Day Meal Plan - $325
    • Amendments - $50
  • Add on to Nutritional Consultation - $50/week

Grocery Store Tours & Kitchen Cleanup . . .

Healthy living starts with what you keep in your fridge! Let me help you get started by choosing the right foods in the grocery store or cleaning up what you already have at home.

GROCERY STORE TOURS: $100 I will guide you through your local grocery or health food store and teach you how to read labels and find healthy foods for you and your family.

KITCHEN CLEAN UP: $150 I will come to your home to help you determine which foods in your pantry and fridge are nutritious and which should be replaced with healthier options. Based on your needs, a shopping list will be provided, basic nutrition and label reading will be covered, and meal and snack ideas discussed.

Speaking Workshops & Corporate Programs . . .

I’m a passionate and engaging speaker who loves presenting to groups of all sizes. My practical and casual approach ensures that workshops are educational while remaining fun. Nutrition and fitness workshops can be tailored to your group. Do you have an ideas for a topic? Let me know!

  • Topics ideas:
    • How to improve your digestion with simple steps
    • Health + Nutrition Tips for Stress Management
    • Health + Nutrition Tips for Energy
    • Eating Well on a Budget
    • How to quit sugar and why you need to
    • Sports Nutrition: Fuelling your Workouts and Recovery Foods
    • Nutrition Strategies to Boost your Immune System
    • Nutrition Tips for the Busy Professional
    • Healthy Meal Planning & Preparation
    • And many more...

Ready to get started? Contact Brynn today to set up your free 15 minute consultation! 

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