I work really long hours and have always struggled to make the right food choices. After working with Brynn, my energy has gone up and I know I am giving my body what it wants to get me through those long days.
— Stephanie G.
Being someone who is very active and is in the gym a lot, I was shocked to learn just how much what I eat can shape my performance. Working with someone who is also an active gym-goer really opened my eyes to how I could help my body in training, competition and most importantly recovery. Until I met Brynn, these weren’t things I was thinking about and what a difference it has made!
— John H.
As a busy mom who is a picky eater, I know my kids have become picky eaters too. I always found it difficult to find the right recipes for family meals and after a long day of work, I never know what to make. With Brynn’s help grocery shopping and meal planning, the whole family is eating much healthier meals and feeling much better too!
— Kathy T.