Warming Turmeric Ginger Latte

I have been drinking this latte all winter. It is super warming due to the spices and turmeric and ginger are super healing anti-inflammatory foods. 


Warming Turmeric Ginger Latte


  • 1-2 cups of boiling water
  • ΒΌ tsp turmeric powder or 1 inch piece of fresh turmeric root
  • 1 tsp ground ginger or 1-2 inch piece of ginger root
  • Β½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil or coconut butter (for extra creaminess)
  • 1 tsp raw honey


  1. Place all ingredients except for the honey in a high speed blender and blend until frothy (about 1 minute)
  2. Pour into your favourite mug and add honey to taste once water has cooled down slightly*

*raw honey should never be put directly into boiling water as it denatures it and therefore all the amazing antibacterial, antioxidant, immune boosting benefits you get from it being raw are lost

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