Turn Your Passion into Profit

Originally posted by Brynn on rxnutrition.ca 3/16/15

Have you ever been in room full of people and just felt a buzz in the air? Like an energy that you could feel through your entire body? I sometimes get that feeling when I am at Crossfit competitions (though that could be the nerves) but that is exactly the feeling I felt flowing through the air last weekend at the Wellness Business Summit. You may have seen me post a bunch of pictures on Instagram from the Summit last weekend and wondered what I was up to and I am going to tell you exactly that! 

The Wellness Business Summit was an amazing 3 day conference founded by Lori Kennedy with the focus on how wellness practitioners can turn passion into profit. There were amazing speakers and workshops all with very diverse experiences to share on how they are able to be successful in the growing wellness industry. The audience was packed with personal trainers, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors and other “healers.” It was a group of the most passionate people I have ever met, who all love what they do so much that they are investing in themselves to find a way to accelerate their business. We talked about everything from how to find a focus, creating marketing plans, direct sales, website building, lead generation, Facebook ads, virtual assistants and the list could go on! What I loved about the weekend most was how practical every session was. I have been to many conferences where you walk away so inspired by the people you heard from but it seems to unattainable to ever be as successful them. All the speakers at the WBS had the goal of providing us with a model for becoming a successful entrepreneur. I think I have over 20 pages of notes with steps to take or helpful tips on what to do to be successful in the wellness industry! 

Some of the constant themes across all the speakers that really resonated with me were:  

  1. Start by finding your “Why” and focus on that. This may be the hardest but most crucial part about starting a business. Ask yourself: Who do you want to be a hero to? What do you live to do? Why do you do what you do everyday? Who are you looking to help? 
  2. Time is money! It is difficult to be financially successful in the wellness industry with a linear income. You need to find multiple revenue streams and look for ways to make residual income or you will become seriously burned out trading hours for dollars. Set a goal income and figure out what you want to spend your days doing to get there. 
  3. Do the work! Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it takes serious time and effort. If you love what you do you will want to put the time and work in. 

I walked away from the conference so motivated and inspired but also extremely overwhelmed. Even though I do not have my own business and I am not exactly sure if I ever will, I am so happy to be exposed to the opportunities available in the growing wellness industry. I am still digesting my pages of notes and action items I took away from the conference and hopefully I will be putting them to action someday in the near future!

Lori closed the conference by asking us all this question: 

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Have you ever really thought about this? I think it is such an important question for everyone to ask themselves. Be brave enough to live your vision. Dream big and start taking small actions to turn your dreams into reality!